CCPI News and Updates

Cherry Learning Day - Saturday 18 November 2017 in Saskatoon.   Agenda will include presentations on:

  • Pest/Disease Management – how to control flies/insects and brown rot.
  • Growers’ Q&A – growers to submit questions and pictures in advance for discussion at the meeting
  • Native plants that attract bees
  • How can CCPI help growers market their cherries from local to world markets?

Looking for cherries to buy?  Check out the map in the tab "Where to find Cherries"

2017 Board of Directors

President: Jocelyn Zurevinsky, Clavet.
Secretary: Cora Greer, Kenaston
Treasurer: Charlene Hill, Imperial.
Directors: Ed Bueckert, Langham
      Mel Annand, Melfort
      Jimmée Wiens, Herschel

The Directors' goals are to increase public awareness, grower education, and growth of the industry from U-Pick to commercial size. They are planning a learning day in Novmeber and website discussion group.

withDripSmCanadian Cherry Producers Inc. (CCPI) is a producer-controlled umbrella organization for the prairie cherry industry based on the superior University of Saskatchewan cultivars.  Growers from other provinces and some US states are trying these cherries to evaluate their growth, disease and pest resistance in a variety of climates.

It's purpose is to promote the industry, educate consumers and producers, and encourage research.

CCPI is non-profit corporation that encourages:

  • Development of a prairie cherry industry designed and managed by the growers based on University of Saskatchewan cherries;
  • Documenting best practices of growers and sharing expertise of research institutions to benefit all members;
  • Co-operative processing to maintain standards of efficiency and quality; and
    The development of cherry production, value-added processing, and marketing opportunities for members.

We believe in partnerships that will advance the ability of growers to sustain their farms. Together growers can tackle industry issues that would overwhelm individual endeavors.


Cora Greer
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Phone: 306-544-2734
Address: Box 86 Kenaston, SK S0G 2N0